What is Forex

Live Forex Signals are experts in Foreign Exchange or sometimes known as “Forex” or FX. Which is the market where currencies are exchanged against each other for the market prices which is also known as “Over The Counter” (OTC). The daily turnover is in excess of $5.3 Trillion making it the most traded market in the world.

Success Rate

One of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a signal service is the success rate. Our success rate at Live Forex Signals is between 85-90% meaning you will always make money by using our signals if they are traded in the correct way.

Forex Brokers

A forex broker is someone who you will place trades with and you can use anyone you want. Our forex signal service works with all brokers. See our list of recommended brokers here. One of the most popular brokers we suggest is AvaTrade. Check their website for the latest promotion and bonuses.

Training / Courses

Occasionally we offer forex training courses for anyone who wants to advance to the next level. Follow our Instagram page @liveforexsignals to see the latest offers or check the training page. 


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